The New Ranges

Hello Everyone

I do apologize for not getting back to comments on the previous post and for the length of time between posts. Things have been a little fraught for the last month. a lot of changes and pages turning and…stuff. All good after the adjustment period, but lots of stuff!

And anyway,  I do think that the 17th Birthday of Arwen Garmentry is a perfect time to announce this

I am very excited that the changes to our website have predominately been completed (I am still trying to decide whether I should clear out the gallery and only put up new shoots or leave it as is as a virtual museum. What do you think?) and that I have finished uploading our first new product shoot into our online shop. You will have noticed that at the top of our website where it used to say Bridal, Apparel, Evening etc, there is now Corsetry and five new and interesting names. Each of these is a new range and now I can tell you about what each of the new ranges will be.

Firstly, These aren’t short term 3 or 6 month ranges like most designers do, they are more along the lines of long term concept ranges. So each one is a theme and will have a very specific aesthetic, but they will explored over years rather than than in one quick runway show.

Most of the items in each range will be limited editions and there will be a lot of one-off items, but there will be a maximum number of items per range. When that number has been reached, an existing item will be deleted to make way for a new item. Once an item has been deleted, it will never be repeated online or in real life. I am doing away with our previous habit of keeping designs in our repertoire for long periods and for making discontinued items on custom order. This makes for an incredibly boring range, an incredibly bored me endlessly repeating myself, which also creates stagnation in my company since there isn’t very much turnover of designs or room for new designs and for very lackadaisy clientel since they feel they can always order that special item at a later stage (which they seldom do) If you love something, order it! Please order it, and order it quickly. Once it is gone, it is gone.

Now that that is out of the way, Let me start. I’ll go from left to right on our site.



You will have noticed that I have removed the basics from our site. Yes, I do still do them, but per request, rather than keeping stock.  I would rather concentrate on filling our corsetry page with the unique drool-worthy pieces that you expect from me than with row after row of black and beige and print cotton basics like very other corset page on the net because simply, this is not every other corsetry page on the net! If you would like a classic style corset, please drop me a mail and I’ll organize you a private sale.

I have however completely discontinued Merry Widows, girdles, suspender-belts and other lingerie for various reasons.

cardinal is here

Cardinal is our original range, but all grown up. I have always had a love affair with the past, and this has shown in my previous previous work, much of which has been closer to vintage reproduction than vintage inspiration. Cardinal takes this love affair and updates it. It is gorgeous, opulent and often very over-the-top items with a military or vintage twist but seen through a new lens.

Liq&Milk is here

Liquorice & Milk is a range of unusual basics, closet must-haves, but not your traditional pencil skirt, think quirky and offbeat, but still wearable. It will encompass most apparel from day to special occasion, But each piece will be available only in black and in white.(or occasionally in black and white)

carapace is here

Carapace is our first complete range. most of you will know that I have a thing for insects, particularly spiders and they have a thing for me too, so last year when I decided that doing “a range” (before I decided five would be better!) would be good for my soul, the theme was obvious! A carapace is an insect’s outer shell in much the same way clothing is ours.

What you see in our online shop is Carapace Part 1, it is soft, pretty and extremely feminine. This range will get more and more edgy as it progresses as I am very excited to explore insectiod armor too!drawn & Quatered is here

Drawn & Quartered is less of a clothing range and more of an art gallery. It will encompass clothing of all styles which will have in common one thing – they will all have unique finishes be they drawings or paintings directly onto the item, one-off chemical transfer prints, various dye techniques or limited edition screen-printing done in-house. It will also include jewelry, paintings, sculptures and drawings of various kinds.

Translucent is here

The original idea for Trans+Lucent came from stained glass windows, but over the months that I have been designing for it, it has become so much more than that. Trans+Lucent, is in it’s purest form very modern, minimalist and sheer featuring finishes that explore symbolism and iconography .

So there you have it, I am absolutely loving designing for these ranges and am so excited to So much to look forward to showing you what’s next!

I will upload new items to the online shop as they are launched, even if I use crappy instagram images while we wait to do proper ones so that I can keep the site as relevant and up to date as possible for all of our clientele around the world.

go to, have a look and let me know what you think.







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